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DIY Paper-Wrapped Candles

Cut paper wrapped battery-operated candle

Give your candles an extra handmade touch by wrapping them with beautiful cut paper designs. This quick and easy craft can transform your battery-powered candles into one-of-a-kind decor. We made this version using the one of the Geometric bookmark patterns from Alisa Blundon's Paper Cutting Kit. 

Time required: ~20-30 minutes

Paper Cutting Kit supplies used:

Other supplies used:

  • 3 x 4" battery operated candle , similar to this

  • Clear tape


1. Following the instructions in the Paper Cutting Kit, cut out the pattern using your X-ACTO craft knife. 

2. Wrap your finished cut paper design around the outside of the battery operated candle and secure with clear tape.

3. Turn your candle on and enjoy! 

 Paper wrapped candle


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