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Ocean Color Palette
Ocean Color Palette

Set of 7 Assorted Collage Papers - Ocean Palette

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Expand your Paper Collage color options! Curated by artist Erin McCluskey Wheeler, each set includes seven different collage papers.

Ocean palette: blues, silver, gold


Size: 7 sheets, 4.25” x 5.5" each 


Each set includes a variety of seven papers, including: 

  • Marbled jute paper
  • Metallic paper
  • Coated glitter paper 
  • Cardstock

This kit was created in partnership with Erin McCluskey Wheeler. Erin is an artist, writer, teacher, curator, and art coach, born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. Erin combines painted and found paper in bright, saturated colors, to make bold, abstract, graphic collage art pieces. Often she is thinking about colors and landscapes that she associates with people in her life when piecing together her collages.

Learn more about Erin.