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Terracotta Pottery Kit
Terracotta Pottery Kit
Forest color palette
Forest color palette
Lake color palette
Lake color palette
Prairie color palette
Prairie color palette
Terracotta Ceramics Kit by Joone Creative.
Terracotta Ceramics Kit by Joone Creative.

Terracotta Pottery Kit

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Create striking etched and painted coasters and tiles at home. No kiln required!

This kit comes with all the tools, materials, and patterns you need to sculpt and decorate your clay. Beginners and advanced crafters alike can create something beautiful using the three levels of design examples developed by Diana. 

Each kit makes multiple projects — perfect for learning a new skill or crafting with a friend. 

Available in three color palettes.

Color options
  • Forest: red, ochre, dark green, cream
  • Lake: sky blue, green, yellow, cream
  • Prairie: gray blue, orange, butter yellow, cream
Materials included

Project materials:

  • (1) bag terracotta air-dry clay, 2.5 lbs
  • (4) pots acrylic paint
  • (8) sheets 100% recycled newsprint

  • (1) bottle eco-varnish
  • (1) bottle craft glue


    Foundation materials - reusable with future clay projects:

    • (1) piece canvas
    • (1) wood rolling dowel
    • (2) wood rolling guide sticks
    • (1) tape measure
    • (1) sheet of compostable plastic
    • (1) craft knife
    • (1) round cookie cutter (for round coasters)
    • (1) 6” square template (for square tiles)
    • (1) clay needle etching tool
    • (1) sponge
    • (2) paintbrushes
    • (1) waterproof pen
    • (2) pieces 100% recycled Eco-Fi felt
    • (2) pieces 100% recycled chipboard
    • (1) set paper etching templates
    • (1) set paper stencil templates
    • (2) full color instruction booklets, 16 pages
    • (2) full-color design examples booklets, featuring 3 levels of patterns by Diana Fayt

    Bonus materials:

    • (1) 100% recycled cardboard project tray
    • (1) cotton drawstring project bag

    This kit was created in partnership with Diana Fayt. Diana Fayt is a modern day scrimshaw artist, whose chosen medium is clay rather than whalebone. Drawing on her background as a ceramist, printmaker, and illustrator her surfaces are alive with strange and extraordinary stories, part folklore, part personal narrative.

    Learn more about Diana.