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Photo by Karen Barbé

Karen Barbé

Karen Barbé is a designer, embroiderer, author, and educator based between Santiago (Chile) and Chicago (US). Karen translates evocative worlds of home, traditional crafts and comfort into textile surfaces through embroidery. Her work has been published in international media, blogs, and books such as Encore! The New Artisans, Stitch•illo, and Handmade Art. Karen’s first book “Colour Confident Stitching” (Pimpernel Press, 2017) presents a simple and hands-on method for understanding color and encouraging readers to create their own palettes for stitch projects. She regularly hosts workshops where she teaches hand embroidery techniques in different levels.

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Karen Barbe Paper Embroidery Kit Notebook Journal Pencil Case

Paper Embroidery Kits by Karen Barbé

Sew a traditional leaf stitch onto notebooks and pencil boxes to make thoroughly modern and personalized office supplies.

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Karen Barbe Paper Embroidery Kit
Karen Barbe Colour Confident Stitching book

Colour Confident Stitching by Karen Barbé

Designed for any experience level, Karen's first book can help enhance any project with a well-chosen color palette.

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