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Joone for Artists

Joone provides an opportunity for artists to make higher profits off of creative work—without the production, marketing and fulfillment that marketplaces typically demand.

Featured Collaborations

Joone works with Featured Artists every year to bring their extraordinary work to a wider audience via irresistible craft kits. Working with Joone as a Featured Artist is similar to working with a publisher: Featured Artists receive an advance against future royalties to develop a new project, and Joone takes care of sourcing, packaging, selling, and shipping the kits. Once the advance is earned back, artists continue to earn royalties for as long as the kits are sold.


Benefits of being a Joone Featured Artist

  • Receive payment for work up front
  • No limit on potential earnings
  • No need to hold inventory or fulfill orders
  • Your name and brand front and center on kit packaging
  • Profile of you and your business promoted to entire Joone audience

Interested in being a Joone Featured Artist? Send us a message at

What we look for

In our Featured Artists

  • You have taught your craft to others, including beginners.
  • You have written or filmed instructions for how to make something tangible.
  • You like to push the boundaries of the medium(s) in which you work.
  • The ways you design and execute projects are top notch.
  • You understand the history and culture of the techniques and materials you use.

In our Featured Projects

  • Irresistible, unique and sophisticated visual design, aimed at adults
  • Finished objects that people will love to use, display, or gift
  • Can be accomplished by a total beginner with reasonable success.
  • Can be versioned for non-beginners (e.g. beginner/ intermediate/ advanced designs)
  • Uses no specialized tools beyond what could reasonably be included in a kit

If you have questions or want to be considered for a partnership, email us at