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The Collection

Irresistible craft kits made in partnership with extraordinary artists

Fabric Stamping Kits by Jen Hewett

Print your own tea towels or reusable tote bags using custom-designed rubber stamps made especially for fabric.

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Paper Embroidery Kits by Karen Barbé

Sew a traditional leaf stitch onto notebooks and pencil boxes to make thoroughly modern and personalized office supplies.

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Macramé Jewelry Kits by Jenny Lemons

Combine three useful knots in a variety of patterns and colors to create stylish fiber art you can wear anywhere.

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About our Featured Artists

We are proud to partner with four exceptional artists for our inaugural collection of craft kits. 

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About Joone

We are a new craft retailer offering irresistible craft kits and supplies, made in partnership with extraordinary artists. 

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Artist illustrations by Cathy Charles