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creative kits, made in partnership with contemporary artists

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Stamping Kits by Jen Hewett

Print your own beautiful patterns on tea towels, reusable tote bags or coasters using custom-designed stamps.

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Embroidery Kits by Karen Barbé

Sew a traditional leaf stitch onto notebooks and pencil boxes to make thoroughly modern and personalized office supplies. 

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Paper Cutting Kits by Alisa Blundon

Cut stunning paper gift tags or ornaments, bookmarks and art cards in either botanical or geometric patterns.

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Macramé Jewelry Kits by Jennie Lennick

Combine three useful knots in a variety of patterns and colors to create stylish fiber art you can wear anywhere. 

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Clay Kits by Diana Fayt

Create striking, personalized table decor with etched and painted terracotta clay coasters and tiles. No kiln required! 


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what people are saying

...what just might be the most perfect paper cutting kit ever... appealing projects, the finest supplies, and clear instructions.

Ann Martin, All Things Paper

I think anyone who enjoys crafting will love these kits. It's clear that the projects and materials have been put together with a lot of thought, and the final package is so much fun to open.

Paper Embroidery Kit customer

The kit was so well done, excellent materials and instructions and well priced. And excellent customer service.

Fabric Stamping Kit customer

I have purchased craft kits for kids before and love the idea of an adult version, especially with a final product that's easily put to use. I also really appreciate that the kits including *everything* you need.

Paper Embroidery Kit customer

It’s a beautiful kit: love the concepts and the colors! So cool!

Fabric Stamping Kit customer